New changes from September 2014

We do not charge a registration fee and we would like to keep it this way. However, we will be introducing that if a dancer misses 3 consecutive nights without contact their place will automatically be made available and registration cancelled.

We decide when a class is full based on age, abilities and the needs of the children we have, and this can change each year. Our registration will close on the 31st of December each year, but please bear in mind a class could be full before this time. Dancers who have completed the previous year will automatically be reregistered for the following year.

To ensure we have minimal disruptions to classes and that our attention can be focused on the dancers, all new registrations have to be PRE-BOOKED by phone, text or email.


Abbeyknockmoy Community Centre Each Thursday:

  • TINY TOES   (4-5 YRS)    5.15pm-6pm
  • KOOL KIDZ   (6-8 YRS)    6.10PM-7.10PM
  • JUNIORS      (9-11YRS)    7.20PM-8.20PM
  • SENIORS      (12+)          8.30PM-9.30PM

Dunmore Community Centre Each Tuesday:

  • JUNIORS  (4-7yrs) 6.30pm-7.30pm
  • SENIORS  (8+)    7.30pm-8.30pm

Competitive masterclass

Abbeyknockmoy-Saturday mornings
Discuss with Sandra/Louise